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Loose change of little value, usually given as tips or to beggars.
Pizza guy: That's £19.92
Hungry bloke: Here's 20 quid
(Pizza guy gets starts to get change out)
Hungry bloke: Ah don't worry about the dents, mate.
Pizza guy: Alright, cheers! (Mumbles tight git as he walks away)
by bifkin July 29, 2007
5 3
To sexually violate, specifically with one's penis.
I'm going to dent that bitch with my penis.
by dr. julius peppers July 21, 2007
104 23
Used as a replacement for the over-used Sick/Ill/Dope
Did you hear that new Dubstep song? Shits Dent bro.
by xII Shake July 30, 2011
16 8
a plethora of banged up vaginas. Dents can be hairy, flappy, loose, spent, scabby, smelly etc. Such as #4 in dent
Get Jewlei, Blue and Crev in the room and you have a bunch of dents.
by rezly anonymous November 07, 2008
5 7
being friends with a person without reason; having a friend that you're close to without being able to define why you want to even be close to the friend, much less even be around the person
Dent: Hey guys!

Subject: Why the fuck do we invite him places again?
by DMoralizer August 14, 2010
4 17
this word could be used more often than dunt which means the same as "tooth". So dent means the "tooth". In plural form there could be used "dents" meaning the "teeth"
set / clench your dents, please
by Andrius M. March 13, 2008
5 30
To post a message using the website To dent is to microblog and is analogous to tweet on the competing microblogging site Twitter. Like tweet, "dent" can be used as a noun to describe a microblog message itself.
Of course I quit that job. Didn't you read my dent?

I'm completely addicted to microbogging. I barely go pee without denting about it.
by Benjamin Mako Hill August 27, 2008
22 48