a paraprofessional who is too craven to do anything on his/her own requiring clearance from a real professional (i.e. physician) in order to practice dentistry.
I went to my dentist today and he wouldn't clean my teeth until my doctor signed a release. I thought these guys went to school!
by ken69 February 10, 2009
Someone who is payed to brush your teeth once a day, two times a year. If you are too lazy to do it yourself on a regular basis, he/she tears apart your mouth with needles and hooks, causing pure pain to the lazy fuck.
My dick of a dentist made my gums bleed
by sk8s4d8s November 13, 2012
a dentist is an evil sadistic person who likes 2 make your mouth bleed and lecture you about dental hygiene (which is worse?) in league with fellow sadistic creep, the orthodontist.
my blasted dentist likes to LOUDLY talk about cutting things out of my mouth while he has his hands in my mouth. one of these days im going to bite him.
by the amphibian messiah September 19, 2005
A person who "eats" with someone else's teeth.
Im a dentist, I earn my money fixing teeth
by Toronto Raptors January 26, 2008
an asshole that no one likes except for their mothers. its even worse if you have one that doesnt wear a mouth gard thing because then they breathe all over you and where they breathe turns white and dies because of malaria. then they shove a bill in your face but you say fu-- then they bitch slap you and inject you with pain killers before you can finish saying fuck you. then when youre knocked out or in lala land they either forge your signature or steal your money or throw you in the industrial size meat grinder and feed your remains to their little demon kids that they never stop bitching about.
dentist:my kids have wings and red skin but no penis!

dude:fuck you *punches dentist in face and knees him in balls*

dentist:that didnt hurt
Cruel person who should be known as a "Gaggist". They love to stick strange tools down your throat to gag you.
That stupid Gaggist shoved a huge metal fluoride tray in my mouth. I gagged and vomited all over the place.
by Master Tonberry January 04, 2005
A person who enjoys sticking his hands down many peoples throats a day, and shuving big shiney tools in there too to make him look important.
Me:*cough cought*Splutter*cough cough*
Dentist dude: Stop moving
Drill: *BUZZZZZZZZZZ......*
by Lenni March 07, 2006
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