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a triangular rubber sheath used for performing safe oral sex on a female.
by i'm the boi June 24, 2003
a sheet of plastic or latex used to protect yourself from S.T.D's during Oral Sex
Yummy, my dental dam still tastes like the fruit roll up that i took it from, sense we all know the the plastic in a fruit roll up wrap is a very good way of using a dental damn!
by Sensual Heelang November 29, 2003
a mouth piece that covers the lips and creates a hole in the center so that you can give it to dirty hookers and get BJ's without fear of STD's ... like herpes and shit
yooo ... I gave this dirty hooker and dental dam and a 5 spot and I got my DICK SUCKED!!!!!
by shipppy carlson November 11, 2013
The act of removing a woman's teeth and violently fucking her mouth.
A bitch was giving me a toohy blow job so I grabbed my pliers and dental dammed her.
by Weiner Smalls November 07, 2009