denmark is the land of furniture and sex, at least that is what the world around it thinks, the danes do not know this. they just hate the weather 9 months a year, sit inside and drink a lot of bear, and smoke a lot of cigs..
aaarrggh, denmark sucks.. it 's april and i'm freezing my but off..
by jonesjensen April 12, 2006
The country where Asian Xenephobics are taken from their homes and tortured on radiators by the filthy, pig men danes - on a special occasion they spit-roast them, laughter and joy radiates from the country on the day.

Danes often isolate themselves from others because they are molested by their parents when toddlers; a normal cycle for the Danes - but a disturbing reality to outsiders.

People who go there are usually ones who murder or rape and are tortured in a life in Denmark, this I find unfair and nobody should spend a life with filthy pigmen- oh I mean Danes. Well, same thing.

I forgot to mention that they're sperglords.
Danish Lowlife Sperglord: Pass me more human flesh.

Danish Lowlife Sperglord's Parents begin to hit the son and molest him, the boy enjoys it like the usual reality.

*More screaming is heard from the living room (Danes are to poor to afford kitchens because of their jew invasion of 38') from Thai children being spit-roasted alive. Popping is heard, must be their eyes. Denmark is absolutely filthy*
by ManWhoExposesTheTruth February 12, 2012
A person who lives in Denmark. A country which has massive social problems, amongst the highest amount of lousy hospital treatments, a very greedy country that never pays compensation to its citizens. The schools in Denmark has been ranked low, and most people leaves the country after finished studying.

Developers of danish mentality; a primitive way of thinking, only found inside the heads of the danish citizens.
by mrhandsomeguy October 04, 2010
Undercover sand niggers that have banned margarine and suck lots of cock, like the British their teeth are really crooked because of the cock sucking they did just to get into the NATO. Denmark is tiny like the size of my earbone and took it anally from the Germans in WWI and II. They are also referred to anorexic pale cancer patients from watching to much Lost and looking for woodwork the Dutch made on a danish remake of Amazon.

The dirty Danish also don't whipe their anus properly therefore, giving them the title of, 'The dirty Danish'. You wouldn't want to go to there country because of it's disgusting smell and rape victims. They prowl at night for dead animals that are rotting and have them for sexual purposes.

The Danish have a special ability to impregenate their men but not their women, just like the seahorse. Yes, it's an amazing fact and we all know what I wrote is true.
Nigger: Suck my dick good you dumb bitch. *Pimpslap*

Danish Fag #1: It's true what they say about niggers, there cocks are small and deformed.

Danish Fag #2: Save some cum for me, I need it so I can impress my friends.

Danish Fag #1: No, I think I'm going to down it all. Haha, I love niggercum.

Danish Fag #2: Bitch (refers about Denmark history and nobody cares because their not on the map.)
by ManWhoExposesTheTruth May 26, 2011
small flat place and peolpe from denmark often go on vication to norway and because norway aint flat they often crash their camping cars and stuff all over norway
danish dude- shit! my car... the slopes! arrgh!!

TV- today another danish guy crashed in the norwegian mountains and wreced his car and a lot of the beutiful scenery
by fredrik June 27, 2005
The Canada of Europe.
Guy : Why was my vacation to Italy cancelled?

Ticket Agent : Im sorry sir, but our airlines are not affiliated with Italy anymore.
Guy : Now what?
Ticket Agent: How about an all expenses paid round trip vacation for two to Denmark?............Just kidding!!!
Guy: You had me there for a sec.... I almost threw up!!!
by Chriscoolkatt May 14, 2010
Denmark - A once cool place (literally...) that was home of the Vikings. Proud peple which was grocely misunderstood 1000y. later as having been "violent and uncivilized" - they just didnt quite kno' how to make contact. So they chopped down as they went by, down the rivers of Russia, along the coasts of Bretagne, the Englis Isles.. even all the way to North America by Iceland n' Greenland.

Later Denmark ruled Northern Europe at interim occations but finally got their blow' of dead in connection w. the Napolean Wars. Since then they have been a small frightened contry wagging it's tale to the strongest contry in vicinity.

Allied files show that there was doubt wether to categorize them as 'german subregions' or allies. For good reason: their army fired 20 shots "20 !!!!" when occupied.

Today; a sad sight. Mostly a tourist resort. A bit more fallen apart than the rest of Norther europe, yet again slightly higher prised. People very narrow-minded, especially in the hill-billy regions (Jutland/"Jylland"), afraid of other cultures.

You'll enjoy our contry if you are a forreigner. It's a rare chance to step a couple of decades back in time... :-)
- The danes are brave: They stick to their allies and run once they reach the front line...

- The danes are intelligent: They use their liberties & rights, sequred by their stronger neighbours, to ridicule other cultures..

- The danes take a stand: They complain life-long about the taxes. Yet even the liberal govnerments are succesfull when they can claim: "This year the tax didnt rise as much as last year!!".

- The danes have a sence of reality: They suspect their way of life might be in danger. Ofcourse - no nation sustains itself by beeing cronically afraid of change.

/Thats denmark for 'ya
by The Last Wiking' July 19, 2006

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