1. Country inhabited by Danes
2. Nickname for a handsome devil
3. Origin of a danish
1. Something is rotten in the state of Denmark - Shakespeare
2. said by attractive females Hey Denmark. Wanna fuck?
3. Mmmm. This danish is really tasty. I wonder where it came from...?
by antonsen March 11, 2003
A place quite often mistaken for being the capital city of Sweden.
Ignorant 1: What is the capital of Sweden?
Ignorant 2: Denmark
Ignorant 1: Oh.
by Exi13 May 27, 2012
A country where you can be one of two things:

A loser who does nothing and gets paid well for it by the state.

Or a person that works hard to make a living and gets fucked in the ass 24/7 by the state.
Loser: "I feel a bit sick so I think i'll just sit at home and do nothing"

Denmark:"Ya you do that. And here, have some money because its sad for you"

Winner: "I'm gonna work hard and get me a good life with a good car and lots of money"

Denmark: "Oh no your not! If you do that i'm gonna take away 68% of all the money you make!!! I'm gonna put a 200% import tax on the cars you want!!!! I'm gonna fuck you up!!!"

Winner: "Fuck this I'm moving to America"
by Scandinavianidiot January 20, 2011
Denmark, home of the Danes - Those guys who always forget their snow chains when they decide to spend their winter holidays skiing in Sweden or Norway.
Swedish guy: "Oh look, that guy can't drive his car up the hill because he forgot his snow chains..."
Norwegian guy: "Yeah, he must be from Denmark..."
by Swiftyo0 April 05, 2009
A cold country that likes hockey. No one really cares about it or knows where it its. The Canada of Europe.
Guy 1: I just got back from Denmark.
Guy 2: What?
by dizzlemynizzlefoshizzle October 22, 2011
Denmark is not only a country, it is also a Capital. Of which state? very few people in the world know the exact location of this capital, therefore, it could be the capital of anywhere. The search for this mysterious place is ongoin, but one thing is for sure..Denmark is definitely a capital.
What is the capital of Ohio...Denmark!....Perfecto!
What is the capital of Maine...Denmark!....Si!!
What is the capital of Nigeria...Denmark?...that is Correct!
by Chamaco Loco September 06, 2010
a filthy-famous word for "sketchy; low-brow; shady; suspicious." This is because many shady people are from Denmark, such as Hamlet. It can be used in many ways: "she's so Denmark", "he must be from Denmark", "Denmark!".
Stephanie thought that Schmara must be from Denmark because she was sketchy as f@*&!
by Filthy Famous September 09, 2011

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