Denmark is the best country in the world to live in, hence the excessive amount of swedes wandering the streets of Copenhagen, hoping to get a voucher for free citizenship if they buy enough Tuborg or Carlsberg(danish beer).

The northern territories are occupied by drunk norwegians, and faraoese people, of whom the majority drinks Elefant Oel(Beer with high alcohol procent).

Contrary to popular belief, danish people never really visit the other countries in Scandinavia(no, Finland is not a part of Scandinavia, but danes don't go there either - the only thing you can get in Finland of better quality than in De mark is moose brothels), as they have no reason to, simply because their country is superior and they're afraid of being raped by swedish gays(which is 87% of the swedish population. October 2006 census)

Denmark consists of Jylland(Jutland) and the 2 islands Fyn(Funen) and Sjaelland(Zealand). Copenhagen is located on the latter.
Funen is widely considered to be the weirdest place in Denmark, and is only visited when absolutely necessary, for example when going from Sjaelland to the mainland peninusla of Jylland.

Dane(in Sweden): Hey I'm danish!

Gang of swedish faggots(always seen with blue and yellow colors painted in their heads, often mistaken for the colors of their flag, but really it's because they're fans of the danish football team Broendby IF which is(by many danes) considered the biggest faggot team in the danish league, hence the massive amount of negative songs about them): GET HIM BOYS !!!

Dane: GET OFF MY PANTS!!! NOoroarARARgarargAR

Example 2:

Scene: Roskilde Festival(biggest music festival in Northern Europe, held once a year during summer in the danish city of Roskilde on Sjaelland)

Drunk swede: I'm swedish yay lets fuck and listen to rave music!! YEYAY

Danes: You WERE swedish (looking at blue and yellow corpse with an abstractively big rectal entrance, probably caused by sexual assault on a moose)

That's Denmark :)
by Peter the 1. of Denmark January 21, 2007
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Where lego comes from!
Lets go to Denmark and see Legoland and knock down all the little lego houses when no-one is looking!
by legoman April 29, 2003
Illest country on earth. If you don't believe me, go there, see all the tall, blond women and trus' me, you won't wanna come back ta America where all the fat chicks roam free, feeding on whatever their pudgy little hands can reach
Person 1: Yo I was in Denmark this summer
Person 2: Why the fuck did you come back
Person 3: I'm gay dude (can use "swedish" interchangebly with gay)
by SultanDenmark April 05, 2005
Home of the most beautiful women in the world.
Take a stroll down Strøget and you will see....
by Champ February 24, 2004
A wonderland where students are payed to study - and pay half of it in tax
Ask a danish student about the "SU"...
by Bibliotekarstuderende February 17, 2004
Small country that saved the most lives during the holocaust. The country has been known to be incredibly safe (yes more then US) there is barley any crime, if something happens, EVERYBODY knows about it
My dad grew up in Denmark and when he moved here a while ago, he got hijacked because he said, "hello, how are you?" to strangers- they choked him and left.
Denmark is the nicest country! Yes I know people think they are racist but its BS.. They were just worried because some of the suicide bombers would wear the Arab clothing just as disguise. They're just not comfortable with that- can u really blame them? Lets keep some security.
by shaun white is a hottiee March 31, 2006
The country where you may drink when you're 16 (which means we drink from the age 13).
Teenager in Denmark: "Hey mom, can you buy me a bottle of vodka for tonight? - Oh right, I'm 16 now, I'll just do it myself"
by idaida April 20, 2009
1. A beautiful, kick-ass kingdom on the Baltic
2. Object of lame pastry jokes (i'll slap anyone who dares make one)
3. Home of the Danes and rolling hills

* Danish spelling is Danmark
Denmark is beautiful.
If you make one more Danish joke, I'll slap you!
I'm from Denmark!
by Seawolf DK April 13, 2005
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