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the type of girl some half-angel creatures / nerds / dorks / sickos / metalheads would kill to find. She is best described as a complete psychopath, has more than five piercings and/or tattoos, often has a take-charge attitude (or a defensive, submissive one) and more than one personality disorder, several attempted suicides, a fetish for knives and other edged weapons and a criminal record longer than one's forearm (assault and/or possession among the charges). They also (usually) know how to shoot a gun better than most men. Although a woman like this is usually avoided and reffered to as "evil bitch", the difference between a Demon girl and an Evil bitch is that the demon girl actually has a soft, emotional and loyal center beneath her extremely defensive/offensive exterior which she only shows to The One or whatever she considers the next best thing after having an ACTUAL rough life.
If a guy finds a Demon Girl, it is advised that he either run away or get ready for a relationship comparable to pulling a bus across London bridge with your teeth. And IF he pulls through, he'll most likely end up with a woman worth marrying...either that or on the five o'clock news as the latest murder victim. Either's a helluva gamble.

Off to find a Demon girl I go!
by Herzlos March 19, 2008
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