Taken from the Greek 'demos' and 'kratos' ('people' and 'power' respectively), it refers to the system of government in which the entire population effectively rules through a concentrated body which relies on the population's opinion as a source for its policies.
The French Revolution was sparked by ideals of liberty and democracy for all.
by RyanM January 03, 2004
What America isn't.
"We're a fucking republic, not a democracy."
by devilzukin December 03, 2003
The lie they tell you so they can keep getting rich.
Look around you. When's the last time you were getting rich?
by Server_Joe October 26, 2004
Mob rule.

Works in theory, fails in practice.
The government never really cares about the opinions of the people who support it anyway.
by AYB April 04, 2003
a term politicians may use in the event of an emergency.

reporter: "President bush why are americans going to war - oh I beg your pardon -I meant pre-emptive strike- with iraq if a 87% majority of american citizens do not condone the act?

bush: ..uh...um...democracy! yo mama! thats right, you heard me. democracy biatch.
by chris wango November 19, 2005
Any of a number of forms of government which at their core have some degree of decision-making performed by a system of voting. Exactly who can vote (franchisement) often varies quite widely, and has historically in many countries been divided along lines of age, gender, religion, economic status, class, race, ethnic group, language, nationality, and citizenship. The degree of participation can also vary. A direct democracy, for example, would in principle have all decisions made by popular vote. Most democratic nations use some form of representative democracy, whereby voters designate certain people or groups to make decisions for them.
Though both the United States and the United Kingdom have democratic elements, their political systems are quite different.
by fastfission May 12, 2005
Democracy is just a illusion. It does not work properly. that whole idea that ppl have their say through it is fake.
Most Democracies are actually a type of government called an oligarchy
by Dong Woo November 12, 2004

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