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An American actress who is famous for robbing the cradle.
Secretary: Demi Moore is here to see you, sir.

Movie Producer: Didn't I tell you not to bother me? Send her away and call me when you find a complete Moore!
by Tony Sinclari May 18, 2007
62 22
a retarded actress that thinks shes sexy in a bikini. her name means half in french.
can you pass the demi creamed milk?
by sexiestCREATURE July 20, 2004
212 101
Famous actress, dating current boy toy Ashton Kutcher.
Your sister is 40 and she's dating a 25 yr old? Whoa, what a Demi Moore.
by Kurutsu February 08, 2004
124 46
A 43 year old has-been actress. She's dating Ashton Kutcher who is 28 years old. That's just sad.
You're dating him? YOU are such a Demi Moore.
by emm February 01, 2006
86 56
An actress who has habitually tried to break barriers for women, and consequently, has repeatedly stirred up controversy. Though thought to be successful in certain aspects, she is also thought to have taken on some arguably adverse movie roles contributing to the image of a woman as a sex symbol.

She is also known for her beautiful skin.
Marriage Ashton Kutcher
Nude pregnancy pose
Role in a film as a female in the military

Demi Moore did that first.
by Cynthia9 May 28, 2008
29 22
demi moore is really hot and sexy ..............i-e only for kuchter
Demi Moore is really beatyFOOL
by ooooooooooooooooooo July 17, 2006
31 38
to do a Demi Moore is to appear pregnant and naked in the front page of a magazine
Britney Spear did her Demi Moore in Harper's Bazar
by Haldol July 01, 2006
25 35