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Any long narrow implement which can be used to clear obstructions from one's nasal passages. Short for 'deluxe nosepicker'.
I can breath now thanks to my deluxe.
by B Chan March 29, 2004
9 12
A person, object or event that is considered to be of a very high standard.
So, I was in this new club with these hot twins who kept buying me drinks all night - it was so deluxe!
by kid chameleon October 15, 2003
52 19
The very best of the best.
I just installed this deluxe sound system in my car.
by SpanJ0 June 17, 2003
37 14
An added term to over emphisize something.
That kid is a loser deluxe.
by Franky davis February 05, 2006
11 11
Where you get head and sex from a female of your choosing.
"Yo,i'm bout to go over to Sha-nay-nay house to get deluxed up"

"Sho nuff"
by Jayzahn November 25, 2004
22 23
Gwassing everything that's nearby ; -'d : Being owned by Deluxe
Randomer : Wanna pk in w137 ?
Randomer 2: Naw Deluxe is in there
Randomer : FML Gf bank :(
Randomer 2: We'll pm him 2 spy
by Delux0r June 30, 2010
2 7
Deluux a kind of a sex machine which is licking and sucking at everything
by anonymous June 29, 2003
7 14