Any guy that looks fratty and is a huge pussy.
(guy) Hey what frat are you in bro?
(Frat guy) I'm a delt.
(guy) Oh really because I fucking hate Delts.
#pussy #bitch #fat pussy bitches #frat guy #fratty looking faggot guy
by K.N.A.B. July 17, 2011
Top Definition
(n.) muscle group- the deltoids
workin' out my delts.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 05, 2004
delt/delted (verb) derived from delete(verb-remove or obliterate text)

The action used in real life context when attempting to block or delete trolls of the highest order.
" Barry was being a douche bag troll so i delted him from skype and twitter"
#obliterate #expunge #block #delete #erase
by Pot_Committed March 14, 2013
The act of Baconing it up.
I delted Moon good.
by Alicia May 01, 2004
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