The best laptop ever
I wanna buy the best available laptop, what do you recommend?

without any doubt DELL
by most honest person April 05, 2011
pretty cool chick who needs to get her prioritys right. its ok dell....your the best !!!
dell:coop was soooo hot
sera: as if
by turlte licker December 03, 2005
Meaning something is really good
'it woz extra dell...hewww'
by Amy February 25, 2004
reliable computers at a good price
-people who bash dells are ignorant irrational people who feel a cumpulsive urge to make igorant non factually based stuff who have no right to judge what they cant match or have any knowledge of, haters of dells foam at the mouth becaue they have no idea what they're talking about... or they just are noob computer builders who fuck with stuff they dont know..
-my dell has lasted me several years with out crashing
this is my oppinion.. i could be wrong
by paul April 12, 2005
1. A computer that is reliable and has never crashed. 2. A company that makes apple look like junk.
Wow, look how much better Dell is than Apple.
by RP123 May 04, 2005
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