1. Adj. Describes something of very low quality that fails frequently.

2. Adj. Describes someone or something that is very unreliable.
1. "That old beater car you bought is dellerific."

2. "Late again, your such a dell!"
by Spingy May 27, 2006
Dell is Another word for "Burn, Baby, Burn" due to it's batteries exploding due to too fast charging by Dell.
check out the web for Dell explosion examples
by Houston Evans August 18, 2006
They are a piece of shit. Not worth this forrum.
Dell should be emmitted from the Urban Dictionary! BECAUSE DELL IS FROM HELL!
by Shin Dig of Fresno November 27, 2003
In Virginia it means....
Shut up or shut the fuck up.
"Haha look at your face"
"Dell bitch"
by Thiss girlll November 26, 2008
an adjective used to say that someone, something, etc... is stupid
why do you have to be such a dell
by willy wonka's uh-oh oreo February 14, 2007
dell is where you buy a piece of shit computer for next to nothing, and then spend at least 4 times as much as you did on the computer adding enough things to actually make it usable. after that, you get to spend two days getting rid of all the spyware and worthless programs they bundle with it.
that guy was right... you have to spend 3,000 dollars to get a dell to work like they say...
by borstalbreakout November 26, 2006
A slang term for the word fuck. Can be used to replace the word fuck in everyday conversation

Originated in an Australian Information Systems class. Came about when one of the Dell computers was so rooted that it could only be classed fucked or had been fucked. Then many other Dell computers followed in this path.

Dell's are also usually serviced by a techy named Dick. Hence making them much more delled than they were in the first place.
"This computer is Delled"

Man 1: "Yo is that marsh being a dickhead?"
Man 3: "Nah he's being worse, hes being a dellhead"

by Dicky D June 09, 2008

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