Dell Computers Are As Reliable As Fords, George Bush And Cable TV/Internet.
1. I would buy a Dell, but I think its a sin.

2. Simple, Buy An HP!
by Jon March 15, 2005
The word once known only for a semi-reliable computer company is now also used as a synonym for marijuana.

When Steven was arrested for posession of Marijuana, the term "dell" was instantly coined as a new term for marijuana.
Man 1: Dude, let's go smoke some dell.
Man 2: word.
by bor August 24, 2003
A computer sold mostly off the internet, via newspaper ads and TV ads. It comes pre loaded with all kinds of crap software that is useless. After all that is uninstalled it becomes a pretty decent computer for the cheap price. A fresh XP install is recommended.
Dude, you're getting a Dell! Hold on lemmie grab some weed.
by 1069 August 01, 2005
A computer brand advertised by a stoner that, when purchased, the owner somehow thinks he/she has bragging rights because their PC is "so fast" and "rips around XP like I rip around your mom", when in fact they own a shitty beige-box with no style or speed.
Even though my freind spent $6,000 on a VoodooPC with a custom paint job and a Coolermaster case, my Dell still screams and plays Counter-Strike with 2xAA and 2x Anisotropic Filtering.
by ArcticFox November 12, 2003
The black box that is placed besides or on the top of a desk. Has an easy-access case, for the many times replacements parts will be required. Filled with hardware that does not necessarily do anything and software not worth a dime. Unmatched tech support; you're gonna need it. Makes for a wonderful conversation piece.
A computer for $600?! It just has to be good!!!
by Wang P. Freely April 07, 2003
hiring ppl from india with fake names as john jon bill etc
damn burger king is a dell with its damn mexicans
by jason February 11, 2005
Some weird new kid capable of retardism.
Dell Boy,
I saw Dell in computing this morning.
by moreballsplease November 21, 2003
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