Worst computers ever made. Like...for only $1000 you can get a computer that costs like $150
Rip off
by [38]RyanN September 12, 2003
See slow
dell used to be known for quality, but now they just suck.
by FhillyMan July 21, 2003
1slow,can't understand the techies
2ripoff about %50 of the time
3got a printer for free and it literally fell apart in about a week
5they INSTALL TONS OF SHIT YOU DON'T WANT on the comp (including windows)
6aside that they don't give you a fucking windows disk to begin with
"the company isn't neccecarily bad, they do have good deals some of the time (free 19" monitor woo)
though people who worship dell should have their head bashed in w/a motherboard containing more than 1 ide port."
by caljoun June 20, 2005
A large computer company with the most lousy tech support known to man.
I called Dell for a new Harddisk when my laptop died on me, after a 45minute phone call to someone from India i was told "OK, your laptop is not suppose to do that" (Would i be phoning if it was?). However rather than being sent a replacement harddisk i was sent new memory, phoned back, got sent a new DVD ROM drive, so phoned back again and an engineer was sent out and replaced every single part except the laptop case and harddisk. Finally after 4 weeks i recieved my harddisk.
#dell #useless #inferior #crap #rubbish #slow
by Adie_UK October 12, 2005
A peice of shit beige/brown 3D square with holes and a mobo made in a thirdworld country and has 128 mb of ram.Its apparently awesome.I bet it is!
My D3ll c4n play CS at 20 FPS!My custom comp that costs half of ur dell plays CS at 50 FPS
by RAZIEL!!!! December 10, 2004
A dud computer or something that doesn't work.
Ma computer just broke, I'm so pissed off! - ney wonder mon, it's a dell!
The Ford of computers.
Dell computers are sold very cheap, but you get exactly what you pay for.
#ripoff #computer #microsoft #cheap #ford
by Fuckitall June 29, 2006
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