A computer manufacturer, just like Compaq, HP, Emachines, Packard Bell, Micron...
I called Dell for tech support and the phone rang in India. I had a hard time understanding the guy due to the lousy phone lines, but they still had parts in stock for my 10-year-old Optiplex.

I called HP for tech support and the phone rang in India. I had a hard time understanding the guy due to the lousy phone lines, and he told me they don't support or have parts for my computer anymore, even though it's only 6 months old.

I called Compaq for tech support and the phone rang in India. I had a hard time understanding the guy due to the lousy phone lines, but I finally found out it was the same guy I was talking to at HP.

I called Emachines for tech support and I don't know where the phone rang, and I don't think the guy on the other end did either.

I called Packard Bell for support and found out that they don't do business in the United States any more. Well, I needed a new boat anchor anyway.

I called Micron for tech support and the phone rang at an ice cream shop in Peoria.

I called the largest electronics outsourcers in Malaysia and China, and found out that they make all the parts for all the computers of all brands.

Don't like your Dell? Don't blame your neighbor for the bad parts. They took away his job and gave it to some poor guy in India for 20 rupees a week. Do you really expect someone who's making 15 cents an hour to give a shit about what he's building?

by Frank Lee May 03, 2005
the shittiest computer manufacturing company that will drive you insane. All their computers are shit and u'll eventually get the blue screen when ur computer crashes atleast 2x a week. This loud fucking garbage piece of shit is the laggiest fucking thing u'll ever use. U'll get viruses easily, not be able to play shitty videogames due to the shitty specs and embrace yourself for a fuck load of dust to shoot out from the back vent. It is so shitty that it takes 60 seconds for itunes to load from the moment i connect my ipod. Sometimes it doesn't even recognize ur usb. This shitty fucking company should be charged a fine of $200 for each shitty computer that they sold as a scam and should be trialed in court.
Guy 1: Yeah! I just bought a brand new Dell computer. Time to play battlefield 3 on 1080p HD!!!
by Kill Dell April 28, 2013
Worst computer know to man. After a day of use they start making weird noises and randomly just shut off. Their freaking cd/dvd rom drives sould like freaking Harley Davidson motorcycles. God forbid you have a problem and try to call their customer service number, you better have a day off and a lot of patience. I've never been so pissed off that day when i talked to Abu for a hour and listened to an automated operator for another two hours. Dell lost the only good thing they had when they fired the Dell guy that said dude a lot.
Me-"Dude you know what Dell stands for?"
Freind-"hmmm,D-E-L-L um idk."
Me-"Dell stands for bullshit."
by jerryblank May 16, 2005
A derogatory term used to describe someone as a complete bellend, knob-jockey or utter bollocks.

The term is usually applied to social rejects who spend a large amount of time online chatting shit and building themselves up to sound impressive.

The term is also sometimes applied to assholes that also have an unusually small penis
That bollocks over there is just a Dell boy, 4 inches at the absolute maximum
by I touch old people(Detonater) November 25, 2010
Just that slut that works at the Slut Bucket on the corner. Anyways, she's hilarious but sometimes she's oh so slutty. She pulls off braces and is just fab
Oh my gosh Dell you're such a whore sometimes but oh well you have a nice butt.
by teenlaqueefa October 28, 2013
A concuction of shit and homosexuality mixed together inside a plastic frame. Normally exists for roughly half a year until the shit and homosexuality begin to stop functioning. Very vunerable to the 'blue screen of death'.
Conor: "Oh, i think i'll play some War Rock, then download some music"

Dell: "Having a spaz and then shuts down then gives you a load of code bullshit with a blue backround".

Conor: "Oh, the problem appears to be the printer driver, lets hold f12 when we turn the computer on and fix the computer like any other system, then I will restart".

Dell: "Having even more of a spaz".

Conor then takes the computer to Somalia to show the poor kids what this 'internet thing is' but they dont want it because everyone, LITERALLY everyone (even poor brainless Somalian kids) hate Dell.
by Pornhub.com July 27, 2009
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