A computer manufacturer, just like Compaq, HP, Emachines, Packard Bell, Micron...
I called Dell for tech support and the phone rang in India. I had a hard time understanding the guy due to the lousy phone lines, but they still had parts in stock for my 10-year-old Optiplex.

I called HP for tech support and the phone rang in India. I had a hard time understanding the guy due to the lousy phone lines, and he told me they don't support or have parts for my computer anymore, even though it's only 6 months old.

I called Compaq for tech support and the phone rang in India. I had a hard time understanding the guy due to the lousy phone lines, but I finally found out it was the same guy I was talking to at HP.

I called Emachines for tech support and I don't know where the phone rang, and I don't think the guy on the other end did either.

I called Packard Bell for support and found out that they don't do business in the United States any more. Well, I needed a new boat anchor anyway.

I called Micron for tech support and the phone rang at an ice cream shop in Peoria.

I called the largest electronics outsourcers in Malaysia and China, and found out that they make all the parts for all the computers of all brands.

Don't like your Dell? Don't blame your neighbor for the bad parts. They took away his job and gave it to some poor guy in India for 20 rupees a week. Do you really expect someone who's making 15 cents an hour to give a shit about what he's building?

by Frank Lee May 03, 2005
Something negative. You can dell somone or be Delled by somone. You can also be Delled by a object. Has a very very large range of uses. Nothing to do with a computer. Used mainly on the east coast (New York City).
"I Delled you up in that basketball game last night. "

"Who cares man, that kid is dell"

"Yo man i just ate a rotten apple"
by Maxwella October 28, 2007
Dwelling in which The Farmer resides.
Hi-ho, the derry-o...The Farmer in The Dell
by Blinx-the-kitty August 31, 2011
An noticeable boner or erection.
"Dude, you're getting a Dell."
by Dutch Dunphy July 14, 2008
A computer company that only really puts together and places parts in towers. All parts are made from different companies and are made in china... hance why they never have dell logos on the parts.
"Dell is just making money off of paying for parts and then placeing them in cheap towers"
by Gaeuvyen August 22, 2006
A company that says that it provides the best of the best but in fact has the worst.

( customer service will not do anything after 21 days of purchase)
a dell computer that has to replaced more than 10 times in a years time
by tigera June 18, 2009
When a man's penis becomes erect and someone notices.
As in, "Dude, you're getting a Dell."
by Kelly Buckman July 15, 2008
A fairly reliable system contrary to public belief. Most people have problems with Dells and ALL OTHER computers as HP, Compaq , ect. because they need to learn how to properly operate, maintain and secure thier computers.

Dell computers use the Intel boards and chips that prove to be cheap yet reliable. My Dell computer has been running 5 years strait, i never turn it off execpt for an occasional reboot or the power goes out and nothing on my Dell has failed yet.

It is true that the Intel boards that they use lack the ability to upgrade somewhat. They do not supply an AGP slot for vid cards and their cases do not supply a spare slot for a 2nd Hard Drive.

When ordering you should know what you need or your sure to get ripped, not by Dell, but by yourself.

Celeron chips are cripled Pentium chips and are for office apps, not gamming like the Pentium series, know how much memmory your apps need, know how much ram your video card needs to support and how much Hard Drive space you need. Knowing these basis is a good start in selecting a system.

Also be carefull, it is true that Dell Tech support is not excellet or anywhere close to adequate, although this could be because of rules implemented on the tech support team by the company rather then the support group themselves. But if you know how to operate and troubleshoot you do not need tech support.
Jhon > What type of comp did you get
Elroy > i got a dell P4 2.8ghz
Jhon > dude dell sucks
Elroy > i know how to operate a system, you can barley find the on switch! so how would you know?
by Shrader September 14, 2006

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