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beautiful person with a nice personality
delina is coming!! huray!
by guuuunbound February 12, 2009
A name from italy. Means a girl whos down for anything, the underdog will surprise you, and watch out shes stubburn as fuck!
Watch out for delina, she'll surprise you with her italian charm!
by sooopphhiaa October 09, 2011
a pretty girl who is nice, smart,shy,and generous. At first she seems shy to you but once you really get to know her, she can be one of the most funniest, straight to the point girl ever.
Dang, Delina pretty crazy.
by DollsandMusic November 07, 2014
A person who is tall and has a super loud and super cute laugh and wears glasses. De'Lina also loves to talk like a redneck cajun. WARNING:Her laugh is VERY contagious.
My ears are bleeding! She's got a De'lina laugh!
by knowde'lina November 21, 2010

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