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a beautiful historical tourist place in India(currently its capital), where all the spoilt, rude and cultureless people having a lot of attitude settle down to carry on with their living.
it is also widely known as the most unsafe place for women in India
have you ever been to delhi?
by admin_ind January 23, 2011
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Cool Place to learn Hindi and learn about India! Used to be the capital. Definetly better than Washington D.C., The Hague, or even Bejing.
by Hindustani Patriot March 03, 2006
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1) is the dirty old part of New Delhi.
2) is not the capital!
3)is a state in India, in which New Delhi is located.

The local call Delhi and New Delhi "Dilli"
Sanju: Let's go to old delhi, and look at all the poverty there is.

Johnny: No, man, let's stay in Dilli and have some King Fisher
by meisterphiz October 07, 2011
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Small town in central California 15-30 miles from ANYWHERE. Population- 9,000- 92% Mexican, 4% elementary students, 2% cows, 2% other. Amenities- uncountable Mexican markets, one Liberty Market, three elementary schools, two junior high schools, one highschool, three fast-fooderies (NEW!) A&W/Long John Silvers combo and Subway, three gas stations, public library which is also the high school library. Any entertainment is ten miles away in Turlock, 30 miles away in Modesto, or 30 miles away in Merced.
Someone: Why are you late?
Me: I live all the way down in Delhi, it takes me a half hour to get here!
Someone: ........Delhi.....?....what's that...?... O.O
Me: ...Don't ask...
Someone: ......
by Nameless citizen April 13, 2008
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small town were it smells like shit. All u can do is get laid and smoke weed. Mostly consumed of mexicans.This is a ghetto place
Delhi is so small. Big as Denair. Screw Delhi.
by Mike Hunt October 09, 2004
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A township outside the fantastic city of cincinnati. Known as the floral paradise of ohio because of the great history of greenhouses. People that live in this area are known as westsiders. (better than being an eastsider) Also known as God's country and has many catholic schools and great bakeries because of the heavy German and Irish heritage. Most people are 50% German and 50% Irish. However, many of the most historic and delicious bakeries and greenhouses are closing due to grocery stores that sell flowers and Krispy Kremes that are ok, but taste like wood compared to the bakeries baked goods. WOOT WOOT DELHI/REDS/BENGALS/ELDER
Delhi is a town in southwest ohio located 15-20 minutes from downtown cincinnati and 5-10 minutes from the Ohio River
by slick ninny August 01, 2006
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