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Similar to a "selfie", a delfie is the act of taking a picture of your cock with intent of showing it off.
"Did you see Layne and Alex's delfie? Yeah those dicks are of monster-like proportions."
by claYFord November 07, 2013
The act of taking a selfie with a corpse. The location of the corpse is irrelevant, thus the delfie can be performed during a gruesome discovery on a team hike, or at your Grandma's funeral.
I took a delfie during a hike today, all my friends loved it.
by twobeersben July 28, 2014
A picture taken by putting ones phone halfway into a zipper of a mans trousers.
Jason put his phone halfway into his pants zipper and said.

"let me take a delfie'
by MarkTuan July 17, 2014
"Dog Selfie." Similar to "Selfie." A term used to describe when a dog takes a picture of itself. Can also be used to describe when a human takes a picture with their dog.
"I can't believe it! Fido took a delfie today with my iPhone."
by Pete28 March 06, 2014
When you dad is taking a selfie...
Me: dad can you drop me into town please?

Dad: yeah, but first, let me take a delfie.
by Infinitelyyourshoe July 29, 2014