A girl's name, irish gaelic for "descendant of the challenger" but in English really means a stuborn bitch, who will put you in your place
Delaina told that dumbass she wasn't about to move from that spot and that he better back off.
#name #stubborn #girl #female #stuff
by Stuff n Puff April 11, 2008
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Top Definition
1) A girl who can often be known for making people laugh. Shes usually the center of attention with her friends, and is loved by many.

2) Often the center of jokes

3) Great in bed!!!
1) She makes me laugh so hard. She is SUCH a delaina.
2) Look at how shes the circle of everyone! She reminds me of a delaina.
#delaina #girl #friend #coolness #amazing
by violet!!! :D March 23, 2009
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