old school rapper, cousin of ice cube, songs include, Mistadobalina, Dr Bombay, and other delightful tunes
Mistadobalina, mistabobdobalina, mistabobdobalina, wont you quit, you really make me sick w/ your fraudulent behaviour, youre gonna make me flip then an army couldnt save ay, y dont you behave you little rugrat, take a little tip from the taploid, bc i know im not paranoid, when i say i saw you trying to mock me, now you and your crew are on a mission trying to hawk me, but it aint happenin you fraudulent foes, you used to front big time, now i suppose that everythings cool since the style of apparel youve adopted, you used to make fun of, but now you wanna rock it, so you gotta kick it with the homies, but D-E-L is already hip to your cronies, damn this is a lot to type
by been jammin July 29, 2005
Top Definition
good under ground rapper that has alot of street credit and good muzak that set the whole underground trend and part of the hieroglyphics crew
by Kc August 27, 2003
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