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deklose (rhymes with "snooze"): deklosing, deklost

v: to deklose: to un-forget; to remember only when prompted; to remember something temporarily forgotten, when memory is triggered. Memories that cannot be retrieved are forgotten; memories that can be retrieved when a reminder is given are merely klost. See also: klose

Origin: from prefix "de-" (L "de") + "key" (ME "keye" via OE "cǣg") + "lose" (ME "losen" via OE "leosen" / Goth "fraliusan"); to lose as one loses one's keys (id est, temporarily), hence key-lose or klose.
1. I was lying in bed last night when I deklost that I had left the party without my hat.

2. When a man kloses his wife's anniversary, all it takes is one look at her face to deklose him.

3. It wasn't until I showed up for work and saw everyone in jeans that I deklost that it was casual Friday.
by Smashing Dan July 21, 2009
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