bloody good memory
remembering an event that you have chosen to act out before you play the part. remembering someone elses part in your script
by niak32 October 19, 2003
De Ja Vu is an ESP component that a man describes it as a ''replay'' of sertain moments, actualy it's a psyhic reflex...a few second future sight :)
Your brain sometimes goes faster than it is used to go...''replay'' starts and u see a world without time. A man lives in a time cicle of 35-60 frames per second. That means that our brain can remember 60 pictures a second max. Everything else is erased the same time u see it. De Ja Vo often happen to people with some ESP capabilities and or to people that use drugs...
by Dejan...XTRO Slovenia September 12, 2003
When Something Changes in the Matrix
" Hey Deja Vu "
" What did you see "
" A saw a cat go by and then another just like it "
by Neo November 03, 2003
Deja Vu

french origin, meaning already experienced. Even though you can't know when or where in your present situation.
Déjà Vu may spark from reincarnation, a past life experience,
the rebirth of a persons consciousness into a new life after the death of the last life.
Every religion on earth talks of "Rebirth" in one form or another. Leaving this present life, and entering a new life someplace else, someplace better perhaps, as someone other than your present being.
It's the foundation of all faith, being born again.
It's why people believe, to be born again, to live again, and exist again.
Having no end to consciousness. Having Deja Vu
I'm feeling a little Deja Vu in writing this definition, as I could swear I've written it before.
by Jimmy Fedd June 21, 2016
Déjà vu is the experience of being certain that you have experienced or seen a new situation previously – you feel as though the event has already happened or is repeating itself. The experience is usually accompanied by a strong sense of familiarity and a sense of eeriness, strangeness, or weirdness. The “previous” experience is usually attributed to a dream, but sometimes there is a firm sense that it has truly occurred in the past.
Dude, I get Déjà Vu all the time.
by PineappleJuice March 28, 2015
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