Déjà vu is the really odd feeling you get when you see something happen the exact same way twice, or when you have done the exact same action before, and are doing it again. Usually the basis is completely improbable, like the other side of your mind is insisting that you could not have possibly seen the thing before.

Déjà vu is also a very kickass J-Pop song by Dave Rodgers.
When I held the sniper rifle in my hand for the first time, it felt like I'd been practicing with it forever. Such déjà vu.
by Kenthar March 11, 2004
a glitch in the matrix when the AI change something.
oh, dejavu!
FUCK, a wall where the exit was.
by clownyfish July 17, 2010
a momentary infinitesimal lag in the operation of two co-active sensory nerve centers that commonly function simultaneously
Girl: omg, ive just had deja vu
Boy: when, when we just kissed?
Girl: yeah !
Boy: but that's never happened before
Girl: it must've ! you were wearing a Nirvana shirt and your hair was greased!
Boy: that's my brother......
by xx~drowning.in.my.tears~xx March 16, 2005
a long time ago but somehow in the future
it happens more than once DE JA VU
by 2010jk July 19, 2010
As stated in the Sci Fi Series, Fringe (#3 in the list of Fringe), deja vu occurs when you have done something before, hence feeling you've done the same as what you're doing in your reality. In truth, you've done it, but in an alternate reality.
Tom: Woah, Dude. I totally feel like I've seen that chick before.

David: Yeah, man, I know.

Tom: Well she wouldn't ask me out even if it was in an alternate Reality.

David: Yeah, man. Totally.

Tom: Just a rush of Deja Vu.
by SouperSecret July 12, 2009
Ok heres what i think deja vu is. there are two possibilities.

1. Since humans only use about a quarter of our brain power we may be experiencing a sudden increase in our minds capabilities for a short moment resulting in a psychic remembrance of a current situation causing you too feel you have experienced it already.

2. There is a matrix and a glitch has occured. what happens is you experience a repeated situation then you say "didnt this happen already" and then the programmers of the matrix program your mind to say oh its just deja vu.
What the fuck, i feel like i already wrote this definition before, o well its deja vu.
by ur dads hairy nipple August 06, 2005
A kick ass gentlemen's club.
Strip club
Yo let's go to the vu.
by showmesometitties March 22, 2005
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