The feeling you've heard the same bullshit before.
I had deja-moo listening to my boss in our meeting this morning.
by DZN September 02, 2008
Top Definition
The feeling that you have heard this bull before.
Katie: " How come you guys didn't go out and celebrate your anniversary?"
Nicole: " We were going to, but he had to take care of his little sister again."
Katie: "That sounds like deja moo to me."
by Lexie 1912 September 12, 2008
The feeling you heard this bullshit before
X- Hey Sam, we need to talk...
Sam- Ohh shit... Deja Moo...
by Sam A.M. October 18, 2003
The feeling you have heard this bullshit before
This is a case of dejamoo
by Jim Morrisby September 25, 2007
Having your milk getting spoiled two weeks in a row.
John's roomate: Where is the milk- did we have de ja moo?!
John: ...
John's roomate: DAMNIT JOHN!!!!
by americanaidan April 02, 2011
The feeling that you've heard all this bull shit before.
Person # 1: So then I caught a fish, like, ten feet long!
Person # 2: I have a strong feeling of Deja Moo.
Person # 3: No wonder! He's been telling the same damn story for thirty years!
by Skunkpit September 13, 2009
I've got a feeling I've heard this bull before
Third time this week he was late for work. He starts explaining how his wife is pregnant and requires so much of his time. I'm thinking deja moo, he said this last year too.
by I4Putt April 07, 2010
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