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Roughly French for "again you", deja vous is the experience of thinking that one has been oneself before, perhaps in a past life, or in this same one, but several days ago. Extremely self-aware people are often unable to avoid experiencing deja vous throughout every minute of their waking lives.

(Not to be confused with "deja vu", a common and easier-to-spell phrase in both English and French.)
When I got up this morning and washed my face, the reflection peering back at me in the mirror gave me a distrubing impression of deja vous. I cannot help but ask, will I still be me again tomorrow? And in the days and weeks after that?
by Lenoxus November 10, 2006
an illusionary feeling that one has met somebody in a rendezvous in the past.
We are meeting for the first time. I think you have a dejavous.
by uttam maharjan May 11, 2011
Canadian slang for a herpes flareup.
I'd love to share a Molson or three and bang the poutine out of ya but alas, I suffer from deja vous.
by zootsuit spaceman July 29, 2009
From french....
Déjà vous is a french expression you use when somebdy arrive earlier than planed... and you say :"YOU ?!!! Now ?!!"

Important : The way you prononce it in english is different from French... "vOUs" is to prononced like "yOU" // different form déjà-vU that your prononce "U" by modeling your lips like a kiss and blow...
- Ding Dong !!
you : I m comin'...
- Door open
Friend : Hello ! Are you ready ?
You : Déjà Vous ?!! i' m not ready !
by Dazhel January 15, 2005
impossibly seeming to remember an instance in life/ death - whatever
--crazy stuff - unknown territory - unexplained/ unexplainable thoroghly--
(derived from french)
crap! im getting freaked out - i just had an episode of deja vous! hahaha
by taf August 13, 2003
directly translated into "again you" in french, but it means a feeling of redundency.
wow...deja vous, that was redundent.
by Shelby Leigh May 13, 2005
deja YES you
Deja is a stupid slutty skanky hoe
by pinky kinky kitty October 09, 2003