The feeling you've heard this BULL before.
Sane person: "Wow, de-ja-MOO"
by Ensiferous October 10, 2007
1: I've heard this bullshit before

2: I've seen this cow (bitch) before

3: I've seen this cow (animal) before
Jacinta: Are you coming to the movies with me?
Derek: Sorry. Working on a science project with Hannah...
Jacinta: Deja moo.

2: Lauren: I'm having a deja moo! Have i seen the lying cow before?
Dana: If anyones a lying cow, it's you.

3: Daisy da Cow: Moo!
Sarah: Have I seen you before?
Daisy da Cow: Moo!
Sarah: I must be having a deja moo.
by Ezza Kezza July 10, 2011
Part 1: Waking up hungover, rolling over and locking eyes with a fatty, and realizing that you got too drunk and had sex with a cow.
Part 2: Upon further speculation, you realize that this fatty is no ordinary fatty.
Realization: You have had drunk sex with this particular fat chick before.
Deja Moo.
Rich: Dude, I still can't believe you banged that fat chick Carla last week.
John: Yea, well I had a Deja Moo with her last night.
by Bozo105721 October 29, 2008
The feeling you've banged that fat chick before.
He shuddered as she walked by, remembering her sister. It was definitely a case of deja moo.
by Faolan Conall February 25, 2009
The feeling that you've heard this bull before.
some one tells u they are coming and don't
u have heard this over and over
Friend said they would come over Deja moo
by gracieshy January 04, 2008
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