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used commonly after the word "hah!" means lol that was hilarious or to add affect on the word. also spoken by lax bros along with floseidon.
vannie: dude look at that kids face

brianna: HAH deizel

vannie: hahahah way to be bro
by vk123 January 14, 2011
A person who is musically talented, can beat match any type of musical style, has a dope sense of style, very attractive, and has amazing rhythm that is perfect for sexual performances.

Can also be used as a verb.
Now he is a deizel (n)

That beefed up dj is the opposite of a deizel(n)

He just deizeled that beat.
by purpledub13 April 19, 2012
A person who lacks in athletic abilities,has an extremely small penis,and girls find him utterly repulsive.
guy 1:your such a deizel
guy 2:fuck you!
by dgsuksbigballs April 16, 2011