Its creed is pure, and sublimely simple. It believes in God, and there it rests.
It honors reason as the choicest gift of God to man, and the faculty by which he is enabled to contemplate the power, wisdom and goodness of the Creator displayed in the creation; and reposing itself on His protection, both here and hereafter, it avoids all presumptuous beliefs, and rejects, as the fabulous inventions of men, all books pretending to revelation.

--Thomas Paine
by antinous February 27, 2004
The belief that the universe was not created by God, but by another omnipotent being of the same name.
I'm a deist because I believe in deism.
by crocoduck April 20, 2011
blah blah blah

"god doesn't interfere with our daily lives blah blah blah, but he bestowes the gift of reason upon us which would be god interfering with us which according to deists and their high and mighty "reason" he doesn't do but they just said he does do it,blah blah blah"

And deists said that it's self evident that all men are created equal but deists owned slaves and considered them 3/5 human.

Some twisted fuckin "reason" there assholes.You enlightened beasts!
Bunch of self-serving bastards and rationalizing hypocrites!!!
by Hell Awaits..... March 08, 2005

The belief that God (or some form of deity or divine creator) exists, but plays no interactive role in our day to day lives

The founding fathers of the United States were largely deists."

Yes,and they were largely slave owners.
Oh yeah,and they also sort of killed all the Indians and stole their land and also sort of started the KKK etc.
Then they just sort of blamed it all on Christianity.Nice guys.....

Wait,I meant that they were a bunch of dirty,lying,cocksucking faggots!
by smoka phat blunt December 13, 2004
Deist: "it stands to reason that if we just make it all up as we go along then we can own niggers and institute tyranny more easily"
Thomas Paine was a cocksucking faggot.
by me March 21, 2005
the religion of extreme racists and liars
sick satanic fascist bastards is what they are
by burn in hell February 16, 2005

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