What someone should do on Justin Bieber's face.
Someone need to defecate on that lil bitch.
by AdGarUK January 08, 2012
Top Definition
To void feces from the bowels. (In other words, to crap)

To become clear or free of.
"I guess you should know that sudden brain injury causes the victim to simultaneously urinate, defecate, and bite down."
-Andy Dufresne to Bogs about refusing to suck his cock-a-doodle. From Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption.
by Cliff Dickens January 05, 2004
to poop
The dog defecated on the floor.
by Dain Bramage February 08, 2003
to take a crap, poop, or otherwise drop turds in the toilet.
I gotta go defecate.
by luke noneya October 26, 2005
to void the bowels; to shit
dude...i just shit all over your floor

(dude...i just defecated all over your floor)
by I <3 Mike Hunt September 26, 2007
Bowel movement
I need to defecate
by Kkreckless May 05, 2016
The term a lawyer mistakenly uses at the end of a defamation lawsuit. The defendant is usually confused an gets off scot-free
Lawyer: This man has defecated my client!
Judge: WTF, are you saying he took a shat and you're client came out the asshole?! I hereby sentence your client to 8 years in federal prison!
Defendant: Yesssssssss!
Plaintiff: wtf man?!
Lawyer: Don't drop the soap. Oh, and that'll be 13 thousand dollars.
by President Palin :( August 03, 2010
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