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Name of an AstroTurf entity created by Berman & Co.. Pretends to be a grass movement; asks for donations. Website basically explains that taxes on the rich are too high and can't be raised (statistics are wrong). Video ads claim that the health care reform bill will increase the deficit (in contradiction to the Congressional Budget Office estimate, that it will reduce the deficit).

"Defeat the Debt" is part of an anti-labor, anti-poor, anti-consumer, anti-U.S. front group that is wholly motivated by money and hatred of the working class.
So now, everywhere you go you see ads for "Defeat the Debt." What's that all about?

Oh, it's basically a bunch of rich folks trying to pull the same bullshit they've used since 1981, destroying education and infrastructure, leaving poor children to rot in homeless shelters, and terrorize workers so they'll tolerate any cruelty the managers want to inflict.
by Severed Cow Head September 11, 2010
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