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adj.1. the state of having been given a nickname or a slang name to a person or object. the object or person is afterwards known as its slang name or nickname and not its original name. 2. the acknowledgment showing the d13's overall acceptance of a person or object.
Shelby : Hey lets kick it with Tamara :]
Luis : Ahem? Tamara? its tam-tam now. remember ! she has been deethirteened :]
Shelby : MY Bad X0
Luis: its all good. :]
Bob : Hey bro look over there! Lets mess with that kid.
Tim: Hell no bro! that guy has been dethirteened. :0
Rob: What if the the guy is a snitch?
Kim: Never, he has been deethirteened. ;D
by dunduunduuun May 10, 2009
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