A member of the Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity.
Maury Yeston (Yale '67) reportedly was at the New Haven, Connecticut tavern where drunken Yale undergrad George W. Bush (Yale '68) danced either nude or clad just in a jock strap to entertain his Delta Kappa Epsilon frat brothers after being elected president of Yale's DKE branch. While matriculating at Yale as an undergrad, Yeston also was a "Deek". DKE was notorious on campus for being an Animal House-style fraternity known for hard partying. According to Bob Woodward's exposé "Plan of Attack" (2004), Yeston was the unlikely source of the drunken dance story, which plagued candidate Bush during the 2000 presidential election.
by Teats Battaglia October 25, 2006
a foul smelling odour around a person
That guy has got seriously bad deeks
by Ryan Holden April 28, 2003
verb, to press the outer vaginal lips together with one's thumb and four fingers, in a manner like pulling a book from a shelf.
Before intercourse, Bob deeked Jane's vagina.
by AlzCarSale April 11, 2008
the present tense word for being dicked on
i will deek you, you heartless bastard.
by T-Bones December 12, 2007
1. nickname for DQ or Drama Queen
2. complete psycho bitch who goes beserk when she doesnt get her way
3. attention whore
deek didnt get to be a teachers helper and got all butthurt
by Shiirow April 27, 2008
Slang term for penis. It is derived not from dick but from the Arabic word for cock or rooster.
Keep your deek in your pants.
by araboy February 20, 2007

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