A word meaning dick but said in a nicer fashion. Said around people that may be offended by the word 'DICK!'
"hey deek. what's up?"
"DEEK! i just spilled my hand cream all over my pants!"
"deek, that sucks."
by Toe Tee. September 13, 2009
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Nick name for Derrick
you know deek? watchout, he's a slut!
by vee July 21, 2004
To point something out in amusing fashion. Originates from the north west of england.
Example 1:

Oh geoff, deeks that fuckin' mare ower theer.
(I say geoff, did your fantastic eyesight permit you to peruse over the visual delight of that nearby female stunner?)

Example 2:

Cumbrian #1: Fancy a ball and biscuit?
Cumbrian #2: Eh?
Cumbrian #1: (While whipping his bollocks out and laughing) DEEKS!
Cumbrian #2: Ahhh you fuckin twat!

Example 3:

Deeks him with the face.
by 9A Slang December 03, 2007
Possessing a large penis.
Man, he's well hung! Must be a deeks.
by William Armstrong August 07, 2003
look,a sneaky peek
''lets 'ave a deek''
by da NTP August 16, 2003
to have a look
deek at the arse on that wumin
by roy September 11, 2003
Someone who is both a dork and a geek, thus making them a "deek"
Nah man, you're a total deek. Go away.
by Miss.Buttlock. March 18, 2011
To fake, trick or fool.

Generally applied in the context of sports. But could be applied to other situations (ex. when lying).
Yo dog, ...deek Marcus to the left and then take it to the house.

The forward deeked the goalie and then shot home the winning goal.

You bro, great deek on Bambie to avoid paying for the lap dance!
by GVitty May 28, 2005

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