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Someone who is deedeeish exhibits qualities similar to that of deedeess, a popular member of the UKNova website.
A candidate is typically northern and jolly.
S/he is typically likeable and enjoys shandy. The drink may become known as "fook! where is my shhhhandeeeeee" later in the night. This state of inebriation is known as being shandied, and is often accompanied by cries of "foke av fookign spilt me shandy".
A person who is deedeeish will often exhibit strange typing/spelling/speech patterns in a manner which is often incomprehensible to others.
A person who can be described as deedeeish will enjoy numbers guessing games, and playing "Bangin Choons"
"ach feck, me fookin shandy, i'm so fookin deedeeish"
by Phesarnion June 27, 2006
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