the act of pissing on toilet paper in a public place.
eric decorated the bathroom at players
by sailorned November 02, 2007
Top Definition
To masturbate on a wall or another inanimate object.
I decorated the books in the library.
by CraigZ May 05, 2005
Drinking during the holiday season.

At Thanksgiving this year the adults said we are going to "D" and Cook all day, "D" meaning drink, the 7yr old child says, "I want to Decorate too! "D" means Decorate right??" And a new cover ID was born.

So let's get decorated this holiday season.
"Let's decorate!"

I have been decorating since noon!

"I'm officially decorated..."
by IrishSmalls November 25, 2010
to masturbate on, but specifically, to a place.
I decorated my room last night.
by James March 18, 2005
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