Fake-ass person who fakes in one or more facets of their life; most times referring to urban-dwelling people who feign wealth to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Not always used in reference to people attepmting to lure mates.
I hate these muthaf**kin Deceptacons!

Some of these ni**as is Deceptacons.
by MaSTA SoLIDUS May 26, 2006
mexican kittyloaf.

Loaf resembeling pringles man.
mallory hasn't washed her hair in 800 days. lets go make kittyloaf/deceptacon.
by Don't Worry About It April 01, 2005
The deceptacon is when you Coerce a female into sucking your ballsack then slowly moving down to the guche region. Then you thrust ones self forward until tongue enters the arsehole.
The man turned a standard headjob into a deceptacon quicker then she could suck it.
by PTY LTD Putrid February 28, 2015

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