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One who gets sexually aroused by severed heads have a decapitation fetish.

While people may consider this a serious mental or psychological disorder, it is better characterized as a hidden, barbaric side of the person.

As with any other fetish, the person is still socially acceptable, as long as nobody finds out and he/she can keep his/her thoughts in control.
Swinging his axe at the elven archer, he violently severs her beautiful face from her shoulders. As Elnaira's beheaded body falls to the ground, Bronsk grabs her decapitated head by her soft hair and comtemplates his new trophy: her peaceful blue eyes staring into nothingness, her blood-soaked mouth invitingly open, her tongue ready to caress his orcish phallus...

Bronsk would take the leader's head back home and release his barbaric lust by violently thrusting through its every orifice... then putting it on a stake outside, and then proceed to ejaculate on Elnaira's sweet features as a last act of lust and disgrace to her.
by Bronsk the Orc January 03, 2005
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