female fans of the rock group Bowling for Soup. Taken from their hit song 1985. Usually meaning a female fan,soccer mom type who is like the Debbie in the song 1985.
We had so much fun at the Bowling For Soup concert but there were alot of Debbies there.
Her mom is such a Debbie, she goes to all their concerts and collects their things.
by tutu2u August 14, 2007
Debbies, or dbs, is short for douchebags. If you want to refer to a group of lowlife scumbags who have no business existing on this planet, but don't want to be too obvious about your true feelings (or have an aversion to the word douche) use this term. This term can also be singular, as in a debbie.
Friend 1: I think I like men who wear Ed Hardy, GTL and spike their hair.
Friend 2: So, basically you like debbies

Person 1: Well, I thought I liked this guy. But when I found out he was dating my best friend after telling me I was the one, I realized he was a total debbie.
by ALTes March 31, 2013
Your bank card when used for direct payments (interac).
I'll just put it on my debby.
by yammerjam August 16, 2008
Someone (mainly girls) who are desparate and/or horny and will do anything to get a guy or guy's attention
Originally used by Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie
"She's all over him, she's so debby"
by Allyd December 05, 2005
Sometimes referred to as "Debby Downer."; Someone who practices hate on someone, or spots out the negatives in something good.
1. Guy 1: Dude I just got Guitar Hero IV!

Guy 2: Same, it sucks. The songs suck shit.

Guy 1: Its not that bad, Debby.
2. Duke is a Debby about the game
3. Man A: I just got you a new Mac computer for your birthday!!

Man B: Throw that shit out Macs suck

Man C: Wow..... Debby
by FezMac June 18, 2009
A color, that is very orange, but not orange due to like of vibrance. The color of some one who uses fake tan too often/ much.
Woa, she'd be so fuckable if she wasn't so damn debby!
by Turboblazer January 03, 2008
debby isn't supposed to be spelled with a y at the end of it. those 'debby' named people are uncool. it's spelled 'debbie'.
debbie is the coolest but debby is a nerd.
by . March 29, 2005
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