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MY LIFE. policy debate is absolutely the best thing to happen to anyone.

a form of debating in which two teams of two argue pro and con (aff and neg) against the given resolution. various forms of argumentation include counterplans (alternate option for the aff plan), kritiks (cirticisms of the methodology of the aff plan), and disadvantages (potential risks that result in major impacts to the aff plan).
i debated that person and whooped his ass with my agamben k.

damn that guy debates. he is finnneeee.

i'll impact turn YOUR da, HO!
by the K whore June 30, 2005
142 244
A more polite term for the word argue. Often lead to pointless arguement.
Usually starts off with a topic like "Who was the first man alive?"
by Hwang September 19, 2003
28 130
To sit around and get stoned while chatting with friends.
Joe: Dude, let's debate.
Frank: Hell yeah dude.
by Curt October 11, 2005
29 136