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the entity of terror that attempts to destroy your universe when youre freaking out in a tent in a german field. Is linked with black metal.

The unit of measurement in every diection.
You know..... the deathtrolls.
by Champion of Ithaca September 17, 2007
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The act of spamming brutal videos of Satanic or anti-religious deathcore and death metal tracks on the pages and websites of radical Christian groups, or sending them excessively through email.
"I posted a five paragraph argument of logic to this religious group's Facebook page, and they just spammed that I was going to Hell."

"Time for a deathtroll; link me the page."
by xJOHNNYINSILENCE May 24, 2012
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A Troll. But a rare breed of Troll. The type that not only annoys people via the computer, but sends messages that are ones like death-threats and the like.
Most Death Trolls are cowards, who hide behind an anonymous name.

Death Trolls need to be wiped out, because they are easily one of the main contributors to Cyberbullying related suicide.
Oh man, what a Death Troll
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