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A ghetto slum of Boston where ur likely to die before 16 It is really called Dorchester. Since you will die it is Deathchester
That negro got shot in Deathchesta (Deathchester) fuckin' re-re das is sum HELL-NAW.
by carzy eight July 02, 2006
Back in the hayday of Hellaware and Killadelphia, some kids around here decided to start a crew to keep up. The hardcore scene had just gotten known around West Chester. The question was, what to call it? Something that had the same ring to all of those. Death Chester was then born. Eventually, it died off, not being as big as Killadelphia, and the whole state of Hellaware.
Years Later, Steve Cockonis told Jason about this back in the day. I was like, hey, why not bring this ish back. There seemed like enough kids who'd be down. Now, we will fuck people's up once again.
WE better not mess with Death Chester, they'll kick our ass
by Chris January 31, 2005
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