A drinking game invented in Vancouver, Canada which involves in this order: snorting a line of salt, squirting a lime in one's eye, then taking a hit from a bong, and whilist holding in the smoke, chugging a beer, and taking a shot of tequilla or vodka. The smoke is then exhaled,and the participant first eats a chili pepper, and then downs a flaming shot of bacardi 151. If one chickens out, or is unable to finish the sequence, he/she is out.
Holy shit! Joe and Alex actually did a deathwish last friday? that shit is way too intense for me man!
by Alex E. September 13, 2007
1)See suicide2)To wish someone you hate will die.
1.Today I put a death wish on myself. 2.I wish someone would death wish her, she is a slut.
by weezer '94-'96 July 30, 2005
death wish oh shit! when you get feared and you gotta go and beat the shit outta somebody!
World of Warcraft: "Muthafuckas can't fear me! Death wish bitch!"
by RyjinX October 23, 2007
jj frome the skate park
skates around fast
by corey p July 22, 2003

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