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When two black guys are having sex, and suddenly one of them dies.
Jamal died last night, the cops be sayin it was death by chocolate!
by NigSlayer June 19, 2008
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When a 400 pound black women sits on your face. Or possibly one of less weight..but equal fattness.

Cop 1: The Deceased..
Cop 2: Verdict?
Cop 1: Death By Chocolate..
Cop 2: Have we got a murder weapon?
Cop 1: No, I believe its still attached to the suspect
by Centz-2-$ April 01, 2007
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The sickness you get after eating too much chocolate.

"Ugh, next Halloween I'll space out the raveging of my loot. I'm having death by chocolate."
by BB.. September 03, 2006
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Shitting in a woman's mouth and then going into the act of sticking your dick down her throat until she chokes on your chocolate and dies.
I totally gave my girlfriend Death By Chocolate when I figured out she was cheating on me.
by SamTheShizzle August 06, 2010
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