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When your friend says hello and you fall back 2 paces
Where did you eat last a fucking graveyard?!!!!!!!!!!!
by Paul February 05, 2004
1. when your breath is so bad it could knock someone out.

2. morning breath mixed with coffee and cigarettes.
"dude, you got some kickin' death breath. what curled up in your mouth and died"
by baby chynna November 18, 2009
your breath after smoking something. usually marijuana
Person 1: hey

Person 2: woah, death breath! what the fuck did you smoke?
by aetmkdgjdt June 20, 2009
1)Extremely bad breath, generally causes nausia, stomach ache, or headache. Thought to be a contagious disease.
2)The name of any teacher who has or has had Death Breath. The name Death Breath can be shortened to a simple set of initials, DB, which allows students to talk freely about Death Breath, whithout the teacher realizing that the students are conversing about him/her.
3)The type of breath that one would not want to have.
1)"Plug your noses and hold your breath, here comes Death Breath!"
2)"Hold your breath. You don't want to catch Death Breath."
3)"Hey look. It's DB." (the teacher has no idea who the students are talking about.
by A a la J May 10, 2006
Having excessively bad breath beyond the point you feel like you're going to die, or you really do die.
Sam: Hey.

Cam: Hhheeey.

Sam: (sniff) ZOMG What is that smell?

Cam: I'm sorry, i have the death breath.

Sam: Dude, have you ever heard of mouthwash?
by Katnip18 March 26, 2010
A teacher from our school is called death breath cause it could kill you it is that bad.
She is called it by Jo carleno And Marsic.
by Jo Carleno May 05, 2004
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