the beginning...

Also the name of a death metal band from florida. Considered pioneers in death metal.
Scream bloody gore is the best death album!
by Shadow0fDeath June 30, 2004
what happens to all people

it happens to gangs sooner then other people
bang bang dead
by mitch July 24, 2003
A pioneering American Death Metal band formed in 83.
A bunch of people were torn apart when death died in 2001.

Practice what you preach!
by holiday69 December 27, 2008
What happpens when you eat too much and you have a heart attack
Remember kids, you can't spell death without eat!
by DizzyLizzy December 16, 2006
A beautiful, dark, and mysterious thing that some religious people fear, while others welcome it. Death is not the "decaying" part of life. Death is that moment when you take your last look at everything around you, and that last breath of air you breathe in. Death is the moment your body shuts down, sometimes your eyes close, and your heart stops beating. Death is a horrible...yet seemingly wonderful... experience. A person can also be revived from death, usually by trained medical professionals.
I died twice in my car wreck over the summer.
My Grandma and Grandpa witnessed my death.
by Pearls October 27, 2006
An Emo's greatest ambition.
The emo has slit his wrists, again.... Yea death!!!
by Lythes June 08, 2006
people think your death is when you die. But you really die during life and then later your body dies.
Dude life sucks im done and then you get hit by a bus the next day.
by BoB MarLeh May 18, 2005

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