Death is beatiful in the fact it takes you from your life. Yet its mysterious, unknown, and no shit deadly. You cant escape it, it will and is coming for you. You could have the best life and death can take you from it, you can speed death up yoursef. either fuckin way everyone dies in the end, were dying every day, minute, and secon. don't waste it.
'your uncle is dead.'
'death finally caught up to the asshole? good.'
'your so kind.'
'fuck you.'
by Death ends it November 26, 2009
It's pretty self-explanatory, can be good or bad. Basic word of the bratwurst language.
Tim: That hot dog was so death!
Bob: Hah, yeah man! it was gooood.


Stephanie: Stop being death about the situation.
Ashley: Whatev, it's your fault, your the one being death!
Stephanie: Whatev.
by hawaiiii(: December 07, 2008
what Christians are terrified of. therefore, the myth of heaven was born.
when 90 year-old men and women lying on their death bed become a "believer" because of fear of dying. because if your an atheist you're going to hell, of course.
by corii January 31, 2008
(1).Someones body to shut-down permintly
(2).Seperation from the lord all-mighty (To go to hell)
1.Damn!I'm going to bring death to that n00b!
2.I'm a crist-freak!and you shall die! (death)
by Darka October 31, 2007
A result of m455 p4n1c.
0h n03z m455 p4n1c! Wer al gnna dye a death!!!!
by AJ Flibble October 30, 2006
*The state of being dead; when the body has died and is no longer living, or full of life.

*A divine, supernatural entity, commonly portrayed as a skeleton in a dark robe, carrying a large scythe, who comes to acquire the souls of those who have died, to ultimately take them to Purgatory.
"Death is something I look forward to if I get married."

DEATH : "Shut up you American! You always talk you Americans! You talk and you say 'let me tell you something' and 'I just wanna say this'! Well you're dead now, so SHUT UP!......and Englishmen! You're all so fucking pompous! None of you have got any balls!"
by Dave July 19, 2004
the old wive's tale that your hair and teeth still grow after you die is bullshit. Your skin shrinks, making it appear as if your nails and hair grow.
When you feel impatient turn to your left and ask advice from death
by tin ass September 10, 2003

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