what comes fter being shot , killed, beaten to death etc.....
to the well trianed mind , death is but another great adventure
by nightcrewler-jugganaught August 28, 2003
the dinner of the
unconscious menu

Death, you are not to be afraid of because it comes with the dinner of the
unconscious menu
by Gary Busey August 06, 2003
Picture a really small mouse that just happens to also be the master of all things. Then one day he doesn't like you.
Hey look a mouse. Why don't you like me? Oh, you're a death mouse...OK.
Death, it's what happens to someone when the love of there life finds another. A deep and painful feeling that leaves you feeling like you have no reason on earth, then you are gone from this world.
Death is Love
Love is Death
by The death sear December 21, 2015
Permanent isolation, cold, alone but free
Death is what set them free
by fake smile October 16, 2015
Always an option
Death; it's not like it's hard.
by PineappleJuice May 01, 2015
The release that will make everyone happy.
Person 1: I wish death upon myself.
Person 2: So do I.
by lukemartin2011 June 09, 2011

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