The only thing that will ever be certain in life. (After birth.)
"Death is the only answer."
by X-Box Xeno May 22, 2015
people don't like the word death simply because what happens after death is unknown. Death could be wonderful but nobody knows, it is disliked because it makes people part from each other.
I will love you till death parts us and I hope that is a very long time.
by t_lly July 03, 2014
ending to suffering and to joy.
death is not an option.
by debebop April 07, 2013
a reference to the brutality of certain types of death metal, usually used to describe something extremely intense, yet desirable
"Man that breakdown was fucking death!"

"Man that concert was brutal; the last band was death as hell..."
by duderenemy September 24, 2009
The after-effects of pissing Angella off.
OMG she's mad. Here comes death.
by FreaksXD August 17, 2009
Virtually the only good death metal band in existance.
I'm dead serious!!!
The ONLY good death metal band.
Me: Yay I love Death.
The only good death metal band ever.

Death Metal Moron: Wat abt Cannimibal Courpse?!

Me: Cannibal Corpse is effing gay.

Death Metal Moron: I'll rip out yer putrid maggot nfestid ientestines and forse you to have gehy sexxx with ur preachrs corpse.

Me: Dude you are a fucking moron.
by TheskycrysasheS March 29, 2009
Chuck Norris
The leading cause of death is Chuck Norris
by roflcopterchucknorrisownsbruce February 20, 2009
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