The end of life. Well, that, and everyone's prayers answered bacause EARTH IS HELL.
DEATH by definition is the Dark Killing Dream.
by Death By Definition December 31, 2004
the abscence or opposite of life
by jane lane October 21, 2003
Death n. v. - Used to describe a situation where someone fails horribly at what they were trying to do. This definition is normally used in reference to competitions and contests where a person or group may want to describe their crappy performance.
Kim: So, how was your marching band performance?
John: Death.

Robert: How was the school's football game?
Emily: We were doing good up until 3rd quarter. After that we just died. We lost 23-32.
by Reallyslowcomp October 05, 2011
a reference to the brutality of certain types of death metal, usually used to describe something extremely intense, yet desirable
"Man that breakdown was fucking death!"

"Man that concert was brutal; the last band was death as hell..."
by duderenemy September 24, 2009
Virtually the only good death metal band in existance.
I'm dead serious!!!
The ONLY good death metal band.
Me: Yay I love Death.
The only good death metal band ever.

Death Metal Moron: Wat abt Cannimibal Courpse?!

Me: Cannibal Corpse is effing gay.

Death Metal Moron: I'll rip out yer putrid maggot nfestid ientestines and forse you to have gehy sexxx with ur preachrs corpse.

Me: Dude you are a fucking moron.
by TheskycrysasheS March 29, 2009
Chuck Norris
The leading cause of death is Chuck Norris
by roflcopterchucknorrisownsbruce February 20, 2009
What happens when you eat to much poison or junk food, fall really high, get hit by a car, train etc. get shot, beaten to death, get blown up, crash your car, plane, heli etc. or just die normally.
Grim Reaper: Ok, you gotta die now, you've lived too long.
Some Random Guy: Do I have to?
Grim Reaper: Yeah. Everyone has to face death sometime.
Ok, lemme get my shoe-*Bang*
Grim Reaper: Hey! I was supposed to kill him you dumb prick!
Shotgun Guy: Oh... My bad.
by Tony Scarface Montana October 18, 2008

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